Matawala Paints provides our clients with the “Paint in Bulk Supply” service designed to cater to the needs of paint re-packers and manufacturers who already have access to warehousing and re-packing facilities. Our company provides the material as well as the re-packing supplies for seamless, efficient output. Our product offerings consist of water-based latex paints (270-gallon totes), plastic emulsions, contractor flat latex, premium latex finishes, egg shell latex, semi-gloss latex and water primer. In addition, we also have solvent-based materials such as alkyd enamels, quick drying enamel, epoxy paints, bitumen emulsion, bitumen primers, polyurethane paints (2 packs), road markings, thermoplastic acrylic paints, synthetic enamel and thinner for repacking in 200-liter drums.

Today, the company has established itself as an industry leader in the American, African, Indian, Middle East, and South American markets. One (1) container of 20 ft may take up to 18 totes/80 barrels if the shipment destination is to the port of Africa, India, or the Middle East. For shipments to any port in America or Canada, one (1) container may take up to 14 totes. Furthermore, we provide various bases for repacking such as base 1, base 2 and base 3 in the products of enamel and latex finishes. Finally, we offer tinting and coloring services,utilizing our tinting machinery, presenting over 3,000 colors per product that you can select from. We look forward to partnering with you and providing you with the extensive product range and infrastructure in response to your re-packing needs.