1. American quality product range.
  2. Premium durable long lasting products.
  3. Quality total product range.
  4. All products are Interior & Exterior.
  5. Products are paint and primer.
  6. It has ready tint bases 1,2,3. tinting machines,shakers and colorants.
  7. It has color tinting machines,shakers and software to automatically tint.
  8. Color fandec of thousands of shades to select from.
  9. All sheens in Interior and Exterior ranges
    Hi gloss latex, Semi gloss lates,Velvett latex,Egg shell latex,Egg shell single coat extra coverage,Matte latex,Flat contactor finish,Plastic emulsion/interior/exterior primer
    ( we shall have these as single Interior-Exterior product or separate as you may desire)
  10. We provide total technical assistance,tds,specs sheets,etc.
  11. Our USA company shall be able to provide an international sales manager male or female to help launching easier in your network.
  12. We will design the total website and put total range along with products and contact details of intenational class.
  13. Will create and design the brands and place it correctly in the market.
  14. Total SEO, SMO and other marketing helps.
  15. Our IT team remains in touch with your network creating to have a total website & GPS store locator online.
  16. Our designing team will design most attractive brands,print labels,get total Marketing catalogues and brouchers of premium kind from logo making to banners,standies,T-shirts,writing pads,etc,total Marketing support.
  17. Putting total support to bring the company up and successful.