A solvent based fire retardant paint, based on special resins and Chemicals. The dried film gives good resistance against fire and Protection to base substrate.


As fire retardant topcoat paint on wood, steel and concrete surface. At recommended thickness it has excellent fire retardant properties.


One component special resin based paint, easy to apply, excellent water, weather and U.V. resistance. Dry film has excellent fire retardant properties.

  • Colour : White.

  • Finish/Dry Film: Smooth/Matt

  • Volume Solids % : 54± 2

  • Specific gravity:1.25± 0.05

  • Theoretical Spreading Range: - 2.8-2.2 M2/L

  • Theoritical coverage rate: 10 – 12m²/ ltr

  • Recommended Dft Range (Dry Film Thickness):200 – 250 Microns/Coat

  • Recommended Wft Range (Wet Film Thickness) : 360 – 445 Microns/Coat

  • Stoving schedule: 120ºc for 30 minutes

  • Flash Point:32°C

  • Drying Time: @ 30°C (Temperature, Humidity, Air Movement, Film Thickness And Number Of Coats All Affect The Drying Time.)

  • Dry To Recoat/Overcoat:24 Hours

  • Hard Dry : 48 – 72 Hours


This product has excellent adhesion to most substrates, easy to clean, and when cured have excellent resistance to water, mineral oils ,chemicals ( various acid and alkali solution in mild form)


Can be applied by brush,roll,or spray. For brush and roll use as is, or thin . For spray thin up to 15% or as needed with flame retardant thinner


For metal: Sandblast the surface to min. Sa2.5. Surface should be free of oil, grease, dust and loose particles. For mechanical cleaning surface should be sandblasted to min. St2. A sound prepared surface will lead to a better paint application. When used over old coating systems, the surface must be clean, dry and properly anchored.

For wooden and concrete surfaces: For optimum service life, the surface should be completely free of contaminants that might impair performance and should be treated to ensure good and permanent adhesion of the paint system. For removing dust and loose particles, cleaning by air blasting is recommended


Keep away from heat and open flame. Contents are flammable. Keep out of the reach of children Avoid breathing vapor or mist Do not use in tank or pit without proper protection


Metal drums one 1 lit, US gallon, 5 US gallons