SOLVOBIT is available as either a DARK or LIGHT colored solution and retains many of the properties associated with traditional SOLVOBIT.

  • Appearance : Brown Liquid

  • Odour :Characteristic

  • Ph: Not Applicable

  • Boiling Point:90% Distillate Between 160 And 350 C

  • Flash Point: Approx 70 C

  • Density:0.910 – 1.120 (Kg/M3) At 20 C

  • Solubility:Insoluble In Water

  • Miscibility:Miscible With Most Other Tar Products From Both High And Low Temperature Carbonisation Processes. Misible With Most Petroleum Products.


It is formulated to be just as effective when applied to exterior timbers such as garden sheds, fences and trellis work, improving surface water repellency to restrict weather damage and protecting against wood rotting fungi and surface algae .this product improve the grain definition of treated timbers and retain the characteristic odor familiar to all SOLVOBIT users.

Application & Reduction:

it can be applied by brush, spray or dip methods using consecutive coats to achieve a deeper color shade where necessary. Use a broad bristled brush and applies evenly, soaking the timbers to refusal to achieve best results.

Surface preparation:

Ensure all Garden timbers are structurally sound, dry and free from surface growths of moss, lichen and algae. Care should be taken to protect all valuable plants and foliage from contact with the product during application.

  • Keep from freezing, contains water.
  • May cause eye, nose, and throat and skin irritation.
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Metal drums one US gallon, 5 US gallons